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Steve & Diana Stout

The definition of “Ambassador” is: an authorized representative or messenger. Every child needs one!


It is estimated that there are more than 10 million children in Mexico that are in need of help. At The Children’s Foundation, we have made it our mission to rescue children, build their academic skills, and help them find self-direction, hope and the opportunity to build a future. By helping the children of Mexico and slowly breaking the cycle of poverty, abuse and hopelessness, we will also make a difference in our own country. We have seen this transformation time and again through our programs.


As founder of two non-profit organizations, “The Children’s Foundation”, a US corporation and “Casa Hogar Los Angelitos”, a children’s home in Mexico, I am dedicating my life to improving children’s lives with compassion, dedication and integrity. Only collectively can we impact such a huge need in our society… here and abroad.


“The Children’s Foundation International Ambassadors” is a group of special individuals who like to put their personal philanthropic values into practice and make a real difference in the world and lives of children.


Gerry & Holika Porraz

We want you to be a member of the Ambassador team for The Children’s Foundation, in support of Casa Hogar Los Angelitos. I am confident that you will find this role personally fulfilling and you will have the opportunity to see first hand the fruits of your labor and commitment. When you see children’s lives changed and share in their success stories we believe you will find this to be one of the most gratifying commitments you can make.


We began our work with children in Mexico in 1995 and since that time we have rescued, fed, clothed, educated and helped to change the lives of countless children. You can be part of a growing program. We have expanded our care facilities to increase the number of children by more than double, our volunteer base is growing and our outreach program to provide nutrition and medical aid for children has increased tremendously.


The annual cost for each child in our care is approximately $3600. Our short term goal is to care for up to 65 children in the facilities we now have. But, we need your help. You can help us make a difference, changing children’s lives… one child at a time. Will you please consider taking this opportunity and make a commitment to change children’s lives and to make a real difference in their world. Become an Ambassador today and give a child the skills and opportunity for a successful life.


With sincere appreciation,


Nancy Nystrom, Founder



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