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The Children's Foundation works to build the bridges that facilitate the programs and administration to help change lives, foster educational opportunities, and develop hope for children without hope. With the crisis of poverty and abuse of children today's world, The Children’s Foundation strives to be part of the solution, helping to create funding for the Casa Hogar Los Angelitos children’s home in Manzanillo, Mexico. Investing in children is key to the future, and at the Children’s Foundation we strive to provide a safe place to live that offers them an opportunity to feel love and compassion, and change the cycle of poverty through education and self-improvement. 



The vision of The Children’s Foundation or TCF is to rescue and change the lives of children in desperate situations.


The mission of The Children’s Foundation is to provide shelter, food, clothing, education, medical attention and other life-changing necessities to children in desperate or abusive situations. We strive to break the cycle of poverty, abuse and ignorance and help children to become positive, productive and self-fulfilled members of society with opportunity and hope for the future.



The Children's Foundation is funded through individuals, organizations and corporate contributors. The 

Children’s Foundation provides financial support for Casa Hogar Los Angelitos, Ministerios de Amor and the FEED Scholarship. We are not funded by any government, religious or international agency.



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